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Dream technical analysis software.

At Yard Chart we believe that stock charts speak before the news. Our aim is to identify these opportunities before most people so we can benefit from big price movements on specific stocks.

Yard Chart Plus functions as an automated chart pattern recognition system. It performs an on-demand daily scan of all NYSE and NASDAQ stocks looking for key technical patterns.

It greatly increases the trader’s opportunities and productivity for trading stocks right before big price movements by automating the process of searching instruments whose charts fit a particular model pattern. The analytic run is performed automatically at the close of each market day.

Suited for traders relying on technical analysis

Enhance Your Trading Power

Yard Chart Plus service is our main product. It performs unlimited on-demand daily searches on all NYSE & NASDAQ stock.

It performs two main tasks - BROAD MARKET SEARCH and SINGLE STOCK SEARCH


In this functionality, you have to select the exchange(s) you want to scan, then the model patterns (bullish, bearish, support or resistance), and lastly the date. Once you click on the search button, the system will generate a list of stocks that are close to key technical levels on that specific date.

You can perform scans on previous dates as well. The system does not provide real time alerts currently.

The rest is up to you. It’s the trader who decides what to do with this information.


A Single Stock Search is an historical ALERT review on any stock of your choice. Its main purpose is to use our patterns to get a technical fix on any security of your choice.

This feature allows you to:

- Go back to securities that have been recently alerted by the BROAD MARKET SEARCH that were not saved
- Get a feeling of how YardCharts performed on specific securities in the past and,
- Simply check out if a security that you hold has recently (as far as 12 months) been the subject of an Alert.

Key features:

  • Daily chart pattern scans on daily interval on NASDAQ & NYSE
  • Scans markets based on our model patterns

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Thanks to this analytic tool, our clients can choose their desired alert and only pay for the stocks symbols that they want to see. Scan the stock market and get your alert!

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